Graefe, Ayako, Contemporary Ikebana and its Traditional Background

Ayako Graefe
The Aesthetic and Philosophical Essence of the Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement
Ikebana 2
p.machinery, Murnau am Staffelsee (Germany), March 2017, 208 pp. (156 colored)
Paperback ISBN 978 3 95765 086 3 – EUR 25,90 29,90 (DE)
Hardcover ISBN 978 3 95765 087 0 – EUR 35,90 38,90 (DE)

Ikebana is the Japanese art of floral arrangement. Many famous masters have developed and refined this art over the centuries and it is full of symbolic content and is strongly intertwined with the cultural and philosophical traditions of Japan. It is much more than a mere decorative art. This rich background makes Ikebana so different from Western floral art, and it is the main topic of this book.